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What is the World Economic Forum and the Globalist agenda?
Why should you care?

We have been hearing of the New World Order as a conspiracy theory for decades. Talking about it with a straight face got us the moniker “conspiracy theorist” and treated like morons. 


Fast forward to Premier Jason Kenny in 2020 at a virtual press conference being asked the question “what is the great reset” ? In his response, he references Davos and Klaus Swab calling them hypocrites from whom he would not “take any policy direction.” He explains that he rejects the globalist agenda as “a left-wing initiative.” But did he…?


By now many of you have at least heard of the World Economic Forum, Agenda 2021/2030, Sustainable Development, and the Globalist Agenda for a better future. Some of you may be wondering why the fuss? Some may even think that on its face it sounds reasonable. Who doesn’t think we should care about our planet, work toward a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren, and be more responsible in our consumption of energy, resources, consumables? Even the idea of a currency that is easier to access, use and follow may seem reasonable…don’t most of us already use etransfers, tap, and internet banking. How much of a shift is digital banking from that?


What if it isn’t quite that simple? What if the above are euphemisms for policies and plans that are in fact not for your best interest? What if your interests and those of your family and communities are the last goal of the Globalist agenda? What if sustainable development is not really sustainable? What if a better future is better for a small minority of the world but far worse for the majority of us? What if the slogan “you will own nothing and be happy” is only half true?


Is it all just a conspiracy theory or is it in fact an actual conspiracy that we must take seriously in order to protect our future and that of our children and grand-children?


Join our provocative, insightful, inspiring, and courageous speakers to hear where and when this started, who is responsible for bringing this initiative to our Country and our province, and how understanding its origins and its agenda will equip us to fight back and reclaim our sovereignty. Knowledge is the foundation for right action, but we need to have the Will to conceive of and work toward a truly better tomorrow.

Canadian governments at all levels have introduced the globalism agenda initiative without first consulting with the people whom they serve. 


If politicians won’t Talk Truth, we the people will. 


Rayanne Walton SpottedBull, thirty-year member of the Blood Tribe, wife of Russell SpottedBull, mother of six and Family Historian Researcher has been expressing her concern regarding UNDRIP, that it is going to divide friends and neighbors. 


Mark Friesen of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, has been educating Canadians about the alarming reality of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 


Marc Morano of Climate Depot USA and author will speak to his concerns about the truth about climate change as well as what climate change lockdowns will hold for Canadians. 


Salim Mansur, Political Science Professor Emeritus at UWO, author, columnist speaks to current political landscapes, a geopolitical global analysis - who can we trust? 


Artur Pawlowski, Pastor, Alberta political prisoner, leader of The Independence Party of Alberta offers his perspective on taking the road less traveled - to build a better tomorrow.



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WEF propaganda…

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What real elected leadership looks like


Mark was raised and still resides in the City of Saskatoon. Mark is married and is a father of 3 grown children, 2 of which, his sons, work for the family business in Saskatoon and the eldest, his daughter, is a flight attendant based out of Maple Ridge, BC. Mark is a retired Corrections Officer of 25 years and is now a small business owner in Saskatoon.

Mark has had a keen interest in politics throughout his adult life. He has spent years studying and researching the UN Sustainable Development Agenda/Agenda 2030/21 and the grave consequences that agenda will have on all aspects of our lives. Mark got into politics by joining and helping to build the PPC and is the candidate of record for the last two federal elections in 2019 and 2021. Mark is also the founder and CEO of Canada’s only NGO(Non Government Organization) actively opposing the globalist agenda called the Forum for Canadian Sovereignty. He works tirelessly in educating and informing Canadians of the consequences to the globalist agenda in the hopes that Canadian voters will go to the polls with a good understanding of what ails our nation and our provinces at this time and who to vote for to restore our nation's & province's values. The values of Freedom, Liberty, Sovereignty, Justice, Equality Under the Law, Prosperity, and Truth.

Marc Friesen

Speaker Bios


Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. He is a former columnist for the London Free Press and the Toronto Sun, and has contributed to various publications including National Review, the Middle East Forum and Frontpagemag. He often presents analysis on the Muslim world, Islam, South Asia, Middle East.[1] He is also a member of the Freedom Party of Ontario.[2]

He was a candidate for the People's Party of Canada for the 2019 Federal election.

Salim Mansur


A former Republican political aide who founded and runs the website

ClimateDepot is a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), a US non-profit organization that questions climate change.

Slides from his presentation can be viewed:


Marc Morano


Wife of Russell SpottedBull for 30 years, from the Kainai First Nations Reserve, Southern Alberta. Mother of 6 boys and grandmother of 1.

Family History Researcher specializing in First Nations research for 30 years.

Advocate of Issues affecting her community.

Rayanne Spottedbull


A well known advocate for the poor and the homeless,  a warrior who stands for human rights, free speech as a Canadian clergyman and civil & human rights activist.

Arthur Pawlowski is a Canadian who was born in Poland and grew up under a Communist regime seeing soldiers with machine guns and tanks on the streets, as people rose up in 1980 to fight for their freedoms. He experienced communism and also witnessed the end of communism in Poland.  As a teenager he immigrated to Greece, and in 1995, he immigrated to Canada. Despite life's struggles, he became involved in many different businesses such as shipping and distributing goods, building and development and owned and operated a high end magazine in Calgary called Calgary Living. He became a successful business man with over 30 people working full time, 50 job sites and many contractors.

After experiencing a true medical miracle on the survival of his first born child, he shifted gears and committed his life to serving God by serving and protecting the people.

From that time, he began charity work with the homeless on the streets of Calgary while continuing with his businesses. But in 2005 when the crisis of homelessness reached its climax he decided to walk away from the business world to never return. He ended up using his own savings to  put himself into the fight for every human being that was falling through the cracks.


Within a few years, he went from a small unknown ministry to an organization that was operating from seven locations in Calgary, producing a TV show that broadcasts to 120 million satellite dishes, As well as distributing hundreds of thousands of meals per year to those in need.

Through the years he has managed to form a number of policies that were implemented by the government to improve the lives of the poor in Canada. His advocacy work was recognized many times by the media such as The National Post, who called him the “symbol of free speech.” As well, there were documentaries broadcast in Poland about his work as a “Street Advocate.”

In 2012 he received the ‘Free Speech Award’ for his seven years of ongoing defence of Canadian constitutional rights and freedoms from the organization called The Progressive Group for Independent Business.  

In the past three years he has stood up against the Alberta Government and their tyrannical over reach, at the expense of his freedom, his own well-being, and time with his family, and he continues to fight today - for you!

By accepting the challenge to become the Leader of the Independence Party, he wants to bring ALL Albertans together to make a better future for our children and our children's children.

Artur Pawlowski


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March 4th Agenda

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